Production switcher that defies definition

Kahuna is more than a new generation of production switchers. It's a big new idea that redefines what is possible in switching.

Designed for fast-paced, live production environments, it combines a comprehensive and versatile feature-set with the most innovative signal processing capability ever seen in a switcher.

Kahuna is the world's first true multi-format switcher. It offers simultaneous High Definition and Standard Definition operation in the same mainframe, with the same control panel. Even more remarkably, thanks to an advanced new pixel-filtering technology called FormatFusion™, it allows you to integrate any SD material such as handheld camera feeds, graphics or archives into HD productions, seamlessly, without the need for upconversion.

Instead of giving you the facility of operating in either SD or HD, Kahuna goes much further by eliminating the distinction between the two.

Fully software upgradeable, Kahuna, can be installed initially in SD-only or HD-only form and, when required, converted instantly to combined, multi-format SD/HD operation with no additional installation requirement.

Yes Network

John McKenna, Chief Engineer and Jerry Mugavero, Technical Director talk about why they use Kahuna for their SD and HD content.

Customer Experience

The Weather Channel

Mike Smereski, Chief Engineer and Josh Locklair, Senior Technical Director discuss how Kahuna won them over in their selection of production switchers for The Weather Channel's migration to HD.

Customer Experience

Raycom Media

Bob Thurber, Director of Engineering and Brian Lester Production Manager talk about how they chose Kahuna and why they would recommend it to other broadcasters.

Customer Experience

ITV Productions

Paul Bennett, Director of Northern Resources & John O'Shaughnessy, Head of Production Technology - North ITV Productions, highlight the flexibility, scalability and ease of operation that led them to choose Kahuna.

Customer Experience



Broadcast Solutions was selected by HD Broadcast GmbH, a service provider for the German television and fi lm industries, to design and equip the first of a new breed of multi-format OB vehicle. Broadcast Solutions required an HD/SD multi-format production switcher to position at the heart of its new 16-camera 3D/HD broadcast truck. One of the first vehicles in Germany to offer 3D production capabilities, the new truck features state -of-the-art 3D and HD production equipment and functionality designed to provide a smooth path to the latest broadcasting standards.

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