Snell's IQ Modular range provides a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective base for any broadcast infrastructure project. Whether you are using fiber, copper or a combination we have a solution to fit your requirements.



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With over 400 modules providing a wide range of functionality, complex systems can be put together and our sophisticated control and monitoring systems can keep everything running smoothly with minimal intervention.

There are currently over 250,000 modules in service globally and coupled with our ongoing support packages, our IQ modular range delivers the peace of mind you would expect, at a lower cost than you would imagine; We are redefining the economics of broadcast infrastructure.

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The RollCall system provides control and monitoring for the Snell product range with the additional capability of monitoring third party equipment via SNMP, serial or GPI interfaces.

Frames and Hardware
IQ enclosures offer industry leading, high-density housing for modular solutions.

The enclosures are available in two sizes: 1U accepting up to four modules and 3U accepting up to 16 modules. Full SNMP control and monitoring of all RollCall enabled modules is included as standard via Ethernet. Dual-redundant power supply options are available without any loss of capacity, and all enclosures feature integral cooling with dual redundant fans.

The powerful Snell RollCall network management system can be used to efficiently monitor and control any IQ Modular system. Alternatively, for local system control purposes, Snell offers a wide range of hardware control panels and control interfaces compatible with IQ

3G/HD/SD multi-format working
The Snell portfolio fully supports customers currently working in 3G, HD or SD and those who want to transition in the future. The range covers many applications including:

  • Video and audio distribution
  • Format Conversion
  • Audio Multiplexing and De-multiplexing
  • Fiber interfacing
  • Synchronizing
  • Video processing

Fiber interfacing
Enables extended connection distances and flexibility when planning 3G/HD workfl ows. IQ provides the flexibility to mix both fiber and copper interfacing within video and audio signal processing operations. In addition IQ can combine multiple signal transport streams through a single fiber.

Video format conversion
The Snell range of 3G/HD/SD-SDI converters offer top quality performance at every professional level. From multi-direction format converters that include analog video, digital video and audio interfacing, to just a straight down converter, IQ has a module to suit all applications.

Audio Processing
IQ includes audio processing in virtually all modules, providing a broad range of functions including:

  • Synchronization
  • Routing and shuffling
  • Embedded audio processing
  • Sample rate conversion
  • 5.1 upmixing and downmixing
  • Loudness processing
  • Dolby E/D encoding and decoding

Loudness monitoring and control
Variations in loudness between programs and stations is a well known issue. Not only is the problem found during programs, but the issue of loud commercials, where volume levels jump during commercial breaks, is a common complaint amongst digital television viewers and can even drive them away from a channel.

The solution is monitoring of channel output, however in today’s cost-concious business environment there is little scope to provide appropriate levels of staffing to monitor and control audio levels manually. There exists a requirement for intelligent technologies that can address the issue as part of a wider scale transmission system.

IQ has a range of modules with built in loudness measurement and control for either stereo or 5.1 surround sound audio.

Using proven technology developed by Linear Acoustic, a leader in this field, IQ ensures your HD transmissions to contain high quality sound at the correct levels without the need for additional equipment and expense.

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  Loudness monitoring and control


Intelligent monitoring
Building on their experience of modern broadcast monitoring requirements Snell has developed Hyperion, an entirely new way to monitor the integrity of content that passes through every stage of the broadcast infrastructure. Designed on the belief that opinion-based human intelligence is a more effective way to validate content quality than simply monitoring the technical parameters of a video signal, Hyperion provides a set of processes that enable an in depth analysis of the video data.

  • Hyperion evaluates the content of a television signal as well as measuring the absolute technical properties of the signal carrying that content.
  • Hyperion enables more sophisticated multi-channel content monitoring and significant new protections when airing premium, high-value television programs.

Included with Hyperion are additional tools including:

  • Remote monitoring over IP via low bit rate video thumbnails
  • Timecode logging for accurate event tracking
  • Content identification from source to output using UMID metadata.

In addition all IQ modules with RollCall capability contain standard monitoring parameters to aid total system monitoring.

Signal path protection
IQ signal protection modules employ dual synchronizers to enable re-timing of input signals and provides a clean switch to or from the backup feed. Key benefits include:

  • Rules based change-over with detection on both video and embedded audio parameters
  • Change-over externally controllable via GPI and RollTrack messages from other modules, including Hyperion content analyzers
  • Main, backup or follow selections for monitor outputs provide flexibility and enables preview of backup channel
  • Full 16 channel audio passing around the synchronizers, delayed to match the video
  • Auto PCM and Dolby detect to remove SRCs as required

The RollCall system provides control and monitoring for the Snell product range with the additional capability of monitoring third party equipment via SNMP, serial or GPI interfaces.

Vistek product exit statement

As announced in 2009, a review of Snell’s infrastructure ranges led to the conclusion that the IQ  modular range offered the most benefit to customers in terms of breadth of currently available  modules, frame control options and ease of supporting new modules as the range continues to  expand.  We therefore took the decision to focus development exclusively on IQ modular products.   Although we have attempted to continue to offer Vistek modular products for as long as possible,  component obsolescence and market forces have led to a decision to exit the majority of the Vistek  range (except Valid8), effective 31 December 2012.

For many of the Vistek modules an IQ equivalent exists, and can be found with the aid of this table.   Please contact your Account Manager or Snell authorized channel partner for more information  about these products.

A limited number of Vistek modules may be available as B Stock.  Please contact your Account Manager or Snell authorized channel  partner for more information. Information on Valid8 is available here.

Snell would like to emphasize our continuing commitment to service and support of existing Vistek  customers.  Repairs will continue to be available, as agreed in your original terms of purchase.  If you  have any questions, please contact your Account Manager or Snell authorized channel partner

The IQ Configurator allows you to configure frames of IQ modules, selecting modules from the full range and placing them into frames.  

It even takes into account slot widths and the power requirements of each module, ensuring that the defined configuration is practical and will work.  

Once your project is configured, it can be submitted to Snell for a quote.

As with all Snell products, the IQ modular range has been designed and engineered to the highest standard.

If you are experiencing any problems with setting up or operating your modular infrastructure, please contact your Snell Authorized Partner or send a message to Snell Customer Support here.

You can check that your modules are running the latest software and if required, download the latest code here.

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