Alchemist Ph.C-HD

World Leading Standards Conversion

The Alchemist legacy continues

Alchemist motion compensated converters have been providing the gold standard in standards conversion for almost 20 years and continue to be the only converter specifically demanded by content owners.

Customer Experience

Winning 4 Emmy awards since its launch in 1992, the Alchemist uses our unique Ph.C technology for motion measurement, allowing us to deliver the cleanest and most detailed conversions, even with the most dynamic content.

With the latest generation of Alchemist providing support for 1080p, Dolby E and now even file based conversions, there really is only one choice for high quality international program exchange.

World class standards conversion whatever format you require

  • 1080P 3Gb/s, HD and SD standards conversion
  • Advanced format conversion (up, down & cross)
  • CleanCut™ technology
  • Simultaneous conversion to 2 different formats (same frame rate)
  • FilmTools for handling film and mixed cadence material
  • File based conversions with FileFlow

Comprehensive support for audio and ancilliary data

  • AES and embedded audio
  • DolbyE decoding, encoding and transcoding with support for external metadata
  • CEA608 and CEA708
  • Extensive timecode control

Multiple control options

  • Intuitive touch screen control interface
  • RollCall® networked control and management
  • SNMP control and monitoring


For a different economic model, we have a high density conversion platform at a lower price point. With motion compensated, linear and format conversion available, the KudosPro range can provide a solution, whatever your conversion requirements.

Alchemist Ph.C-HD LIVE
If you need the conversion quality of Alchemist Ph.C-HD but are operating, for example in a transmission environment, where post production features are not relevant, Alchemist Ph.C-HD LIVE may be the best solution for you.  The quality you want, the features you need.

Alchemist OD
Alchemist conversion quality is now available in software!  Alchemist OD can be deployed on the commodity IT hardware of your choice, giving complete flexibility in both its implementation and operation.

FileFlow Option:
Smooth migration to tapeless workflows without compromising on conversion quality.

Snell’s FileFlow™ option enables users to get the benefit of Alchemist Ph.C-HD real-time standards conversion quality even in a tapeless workflow. With FileFlow™, users can convert media files from one frame rate to another in real-time with the uncompromising quality of Alchemist Ph.C-HD that they expect. Alternative file-based conversion solutions from other vendors are slow, e.g. at best requiring five times the program length to convert HD material, and many have serious performance issues affecting both picture quality and timecode.

FileFlow™ supports many of the commonly used file formats and codecs, and integrates into customer media asset management systems, meaning lower costs in operations and new business opportunities for postproduction facilities.

FilmTools Option:

FilmTools are based on the tried and tested film handling capability of the Alchemist Platinum, providing broadcasters, content owners and facilities with a proven means of converting to, from and between frame based material with comprehensive integrated Timecode support as standard.

  • Accurate and agile detection of film originated 2:3 or 2:2 sequences
  • Detection and clean processing of film originated 2:3 or 2:2 with broken cadence
  • Cleanly handles mixed film and video content
  • Agile field pairing ensures varispeed and animation at variable frame rates are no problem
  • Easily maintain program length for any conversion type
  • Create clean, continuous 2:3 or 2:2 sequences at the output
  • Powerful Timecode tools give guaranteed program start and eliminate costly rejects
  • User controllable Film Blur for video to film conversions, adds blur proportional to speed and direction of motion

Timecode Option:

Process timecode while performing any type of up, down, cross and standards conversion.

The Timecode option provides a simple, automated way to produce perfect conversions with the correct timecode.

  • Synchro modes guarantee the first program field/frame at the right timecode
  • Powerful, easy to use control interface
  • Eliminates the need for external timecode black boxes and infrastructure
  • Drop Frame and Non Drop Frame handled
  • Comprehensive timecode format support, including LTC, VITC, Embedded VITC, Embedded LTC
  • Timecode processing available in all conversion modes
  • Fully integrated latency compensation, automatic audio, video and timecode alignment
  • Range of modes to accommodate all potential user applications

DolbyE Option:

Providing an integrated encoding, transcoding and decoding solution for up to two streams of Dolby®E audio.

  • Eliminates the need for external boxes and infrastructure
  • Dolby®E processing available in all conversion modes
  • Encode and Author Dolby®E streams
  • Transcode Dolby®E
  • Decode Dolby®E
  • Dolby®E Guard Band alignment and correction of Guard Band mis-alignment
  • Fully integrated latency compensation
    - Automatic audio and video alignment
    - Lip-sync maintained
  • Unique Map mode to route decoded Dolby®E to AES and embedded outputs 
    - enables monitoring of Dolby®E authored audio streams
    - flexible channel level routing, gain and delay
  • Powerful, easy to use control interface
  • Dolby®D-decode


Steve Fastook, VP Operations at CNBC highlights the quality of Alchemist standards conversion.

Customer Experience

GRS Systems

Juan Salvo, Senior Editor at New York production & post-production facility - GRS Systems talks about why they chose Alchemist Ph.C-HD for their HD standards conversion.

Customer Experience

  TeliaSonera Case Study
  Alchemist™ Ph.C-HD TX Brings NHL Hockey to Scandinavia

"We invested in the Alchemist Ph.C HD-TX systems because they provide the sophisticated motion compensated processing necessary to deliver live, high-profile sports events with perfect clarity"

  SIS Live Case Study
  UK Sports Fans Feel the Power and Potency of 3D Image Conversion

"Snell has developed a well-earned reputation for delivering superior quality conversion with the Alchemist product line."

  Intervideo Case Study
  Intervideo Expands Range of Services to Customers by Investing in New Alchemist Options

"These new options offer so much added value functionality and have oppened up new opportunities for us."

  Conversions Plus Case Study
  Conversions Plus and Alchemist Ph.C-HD Deliver Outstanding HD Conversions

"Many of our clients request Alchemist Ph.C-HD by name for their high-end HD and SD conversion work and I understand why, nothing else comes close to the quality Alchemist can deliver."

  Media Pro Case Study

  MediaPro Soccer Simulcast is a winner thanks to Alchemist Ph.C-HD

"The quality of the final broadcast output is MediaPro's top priority, but meeting quality goals can be challenging when you're working with video content that comes in from all over the world, in a variety of SD and HD formats. Therefore we knew we needed the absolute finest conversion technology available." 

  BBC Case Study
  Alchemist™ Platinum Converts BBC’s £7m Production - Blue Planet

"The series was always going to be mastered at 625/50i.  Making the seemless conversion to 1080/59.94i was extremely important and we are delighted with the result"

As with all Snell products, Alchemist Ph.C-HD has been designed and engineered to the highest standards, with particular focus on ease of use.  

If you are experiencing any problems with setting up or operating your product, please contact your Snell Authorized Partner or send a message to Snell Customer Support here.

You can check that your system is up to date with the latest software and if necessary, request an upgrade here.

  Alchemist Ph.C-HD Operators Manual


Application Notes


  Noise Reduction

  RGB Legalizer and Luma Clipper



  Dolby Authoring

  VANC Bypass (VAB)

  Closed Captions CEA608/708

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