Why Channel-in-a-Box?
In today’s market, you’re likely to be under pressure to reduce the cost and complexity of your operations while finding new ways to increase revenue and protect business continuity. To meet these challenges, you need a flexible, scalable, and highly-efficient system that provides automated channel playout, enables rapid deployment of new revenue-generating services, and facilitates disaster recovery. Above all, you need a no-compromise solution that delivers proven reliability, reduces complexity and cost, enables future-proof expansion and is backed-up by world-class service and support.

Why choose ICE?
ICE is the only channel-in-a-box solution designed to make a great channel, not just a box. It dramatically increases efficiency while reducing complexity; integrating all of the operational, technical, regulatory, and commercial functionality required for broadcast playout environments. Plus, it is a proven system that helps you lower your costs, rapidly launch new revenue-generating services with ease, and grow your business.










Deliver ‘5 nines’ Reliability   
We know that failures can be incredibly costly.  That’s why we engineered ICE to deliver IT efficiency without losing broadcast resilience. Plus we back it up with the best customer support in the business.

Dramatically lower your cost per channel
By combining dozens of formerly stand-alone products into a single system, ICE significantly lowers your capital expenditure.

Pack multiple functions into a small footprint
ICE integrates more functionality than any other Channel-in-a-Box solution - saving you even more money, and delivering you more than just the basic features such as automation, storage, and graphics. It includes extensive tools to help you manage your playout operations, including single channel, multi-channel, multi-region, and multi-platform environments.

Enable rapid deployment of new channels and services
Because it’s an integrated system, ICE requires less wiring, less integration, and less commissioning and training time.

Maintain a scalable and flexible operation
Whether you have 1 channel, 5 channels or 100 channels - ICE scales with you - same interface, same functionality, same reliability, more savings.

Product Overview

Automated Content Pre-validation
In a fast-paced playout environment, content is delivered to broadcasters in multiple formats from a wide variety of providers. Whether content is delivered on tape or file, it must be error-free and conform to technical standards.

Traditional QC processes can be time-consuming and expensive, but ICE makes it easy through Snell’s unique content pre-validation technology, which automatically checks the integrity of source material as soon as it is available to make sure the incoming content is playable.

If any errors are discovered, ICE automatically quarantines suspect files before they can go to air and alerts operators so that problems can be fixed quickly.

Customer Experience

With Flexicore technology, ICE can be configured to work in any way you want. In fact, because Flexicore is a software based "virtual router", you can even change your mind about how you want to work, whenever you want.

Our Channel in a Box works how you want it to work, not how we think you should work.

Live Event Handling
Unparalleled live event handling means that with ICE, you can sell advertising seconds before going to air, either on one channel, or across multiple channels.

Manual interventions can be pre-programmed and triggered from hardware or software control panels, making it quick, easy and reliable to react to changing situations.

ICE even allows for live voice overs, either via external audio inputs or with pre-recorded audio content.

Integration toThird Party Devices
ICE has been integrated with hundreds of third party devices, including storage systems, video servers, subtitlers and traffic systems.

What's more, if you have a device which isn't currently supported, our professional services team will develop the driver for you. 

Virtualized Television Origination
White Paper - April 2013


ICE Multi-Screen Delivery
Datasheet - October 2014

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